What are the DNS settings?
PRIMARY NAMESERVER: ns1.frontline.net
SECONDARY NAMESERVER: ns2.frontline.net

What are the E-mail settings? (Generic)
POP3 Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
SMTP Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
UserID: user%yourdomain.com or user@yourdomain.com or user

What are the FTP settings?
FTP host: www.yourdomain.com
FTP login: (typically the first 8 characters of your username, if your username is 8 characters or less use your username)
FTP password: (corresponding password to the FTP login)
You would need to upload your website to the folder named for your website.
Example: Test123.com client would need to connect into test123.com and upload into the test123.com directory.

If you need assistance in uploading your website we have a FTP walk-thru to guide you in our support section under Online Tutorials.

What are the FrontPage Settings?
Depending on your account you may not be able to upload with FrontPage. To check if you have FrontPage Extensions enabled enter the Control Panel to check if there is a "Quick Access" button with FrontPage on it. If after clicking on this button there is an ON next to your domain name then FrontPage Extensions are working for your domain. For some users you may need to reset the FrontPage userID and password. To do so click on the EDIT button adjacent the ON or OFF button. It will prompt you for a userID and password. Enter in a userID and password, note that by doing so you are overwriting the old userID and password in favor of this new one. Once the submission is complete you can upload directly into http://yourdomain.com
If you need assistance in uploading your website we have a FrontPage Walk-thru to guide you.

What are the paths for CGI? (General)
Also, make sure that you CHMOD any files that do not work. You may need to edit your Web Service to recognize your PERL script's .pl extension. In this case, you can login to your Control Panel, click your domain, "Edit Web Service" and "Add" a CGI extension. Be default, .cgi is the only extension listed.

What is the path for PERL?
For Unix Servers it is the following: #!/usr/bin/perl
For Windows Servers it is the following: #!C:\Perl\bin\Perl.exe

What is the sendmail path?
Sendmail path is as follows: /usr/sbin/sendmail
*Note - you might also want to try using '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -f username' if the normal path to sendmail is not working.

Where is the webmail located? (Generic)
Webmail can be located at mail.yourdomain.com using your username of user@yourdomain.com and the corresponding password.

Where is the MySQL database located?
The databases are located on the sql1.frontline.com server, on the myphp.frontline.com is where the program which allows for access to those databases is located.

What server am I on?
In your control panel you can find out what server you are on by going to the FTP/User Account section on the left hand side. Here are the corresponding designations:

Server Alias Server Name IP address
win1.frontline.com win.frontline.com
win2.frontline.com win2.frontline.com
win3.frontline.com win3.frontline.com
web1.frontline.com lin1.frontline.com
web2.frontline.com bsd1.frontline.com
web3.frontline.com bsd2.frontline.com
web4.frontline.com lin2.frontline.com
web5.frontline.com bsd3.frontline.com
web6.frontline.com bsd4.frontline.com
sql1.frontline.com sql1.frontline.com
mssql1.frontline.com mssql1.frontline.com

What is my Temporary URL?
It is found in your Web Options page at the bottom in the text field. NOTE: Do not edit this field it is for your web hosting service settings and only a Frontline Technician should edit settings in the text field at the bottom of the Web Options page.

How do I add a domain name to my account?
Domains are registered according to the standard procedure. Firstly, you need to purchase a domain name from a domain registration company. Secondly, you register this domain name with your web-hosting provider, from which you get your new IP address. Thirdly, you communicate this IP address to your domain registration company, where it is set as the IP address for your domain name. Then your site becomes available to all Internet community. This is true both of standard and non-standard domains. In case of standard domain names, however, the registration procedure is automated.

To add a new domain name to your account, select Register Domain in the user menu:
You will be taken to the Domain Name Registration page. It has several domain name registration forms for different types of domains.

To create a new standard domain, enter your desired domain name into the field in the first form, omitting the www part:

On its right, select domain category: .com, org, or .net, then provide your contact and billing information. Based on these data, a domain registration request will be generated and submitted to OpenSRS, a domain registration company. For more information, refer to http://www.opensrs.org/faq.shtml.

To transfer an existing domain or register a non-standard domain with your account, use the second form:

If you are creating a regional domain or if you would like to go for a different domain registration company, no automation is provided. This is why you first need to make sure you have a valid domain name. Enter it into the lower box, omitting the www part. After the registration, you will be given the information to communicate to your domain name registration company.

How can I have additional domain names point to my current domain?
A stack domain is a server alias in terms of apache which may have its own DNS zone, custom DNS records and mail service. In other words, a stack domain is a domain alias that points to a 'primary' domain. For example, if your domain name is company.com, you can register another domain name, e.g. company.net and have it point to the location of company.com. This means, every Internet user who goes to company.net will land in company.com. A user plan can be configured to allow or disallow stack domains. Also, there can be a limit to the number of stack domains you can create.

To create a new domain alias, click the Add icon. The following window will appear:

Enter the name for a new domain alias (this must be a fully qualified domain name, e.g. company.com).

Do I have SSH or Telnet access?
No, None of our shared hosting accounts offer telnet or SSH access for security reasons.

How long does it take for my domain to become active?
Any DNS change can take up to 48-72 hours for the settings to propagate throughout the servers of the world.

How can I FTP files to my website?
We have created a Walk-Thru with a very user friendly FTP client, WS_FTP. Here is the link, WS_FTP walk-thru, to guide you.

I'm on a Mac can I use a Mac FTP program?
Yes, we support Mac FTP programs. All information on how to set up your FTP program to upload files to our servers is available in the control panel once you have an account with us.

How many FTP Accounts do I have for my hosting plan?
Typically there is only one account. However you can add more sub-accounts on UNIX systems.

I uploaded my new webpage, but I still see the old one, what is wrong?
More likely then not you have not overwritten the /?page=home file which is automatically placed in the domain folder to protect any work you are doing on your website from being publicly viewed. Simply enter into your account and rename the page you wish to be shown first as /?page=home. If there are 2 index files located in your directory delete the default Frontline page. There is also a Website Down Trouble Shoot Frontline has made which will guide you through the process of ensuring your website can be viewed.

I am getting notices about nearing my traffic limit. What is this?
You are most likely nearing your traffic limit. All accounts have traffic limits on them of 1, 2, 3 and more Gigabytes per month. Going over this traffic limit is nothing too serious to worry about. If you go over your limit you will be automatically charged $8 per GB gone over and a portion there of.

I am seeing charges in my Online Billing. Where are they coming from?
Most charges in your Online Billing Invoice are from you adding features to your account. If there is no yellow box at the bottom indicating a credit card charged then there is nothing to worry about. Initial Balance Adjustments are internal billing processes and are not charged to you nor are you responsible for them. If you have more questions please view our Billing FAQ located on http://www.frontline.com/FAQ

Do you support Active Server Pages?
Our windows server supports basic ASP. If you are not on a windows plan then you are not on a windows server.

Are 3rd level domains available (anyname.mydomain.com)?
Yes they are, however they cost $10 per 3rd level domain. These are called sub-domains and can be enabled in your control panel.