What are FrontPage Extensions?
FrontPage Extensions are the programs running on our server that translate code that Microsoft's FrontPage Program automatically enters into your webpage while you are building it. These settings can cover something as basic as a color change to more complex features such as shared borders or form submission. These extensions are installed on the servers to recognize and convert the uploaded file code to a code which is translated to the user when your webpage is accessed.

Does my account have FrontPage Extensions on it?
If you enter your control panel and have a quick access button stating so or in your Web Settings in your control with a FrontPage Settings button then Yes you do have them. However it does not mean they are enabled. On some lower accounts FrontPage Extensions cost an additional setup fee to turn on. Check your billing prices to see how much FrontPage settings are for your account.

How do I use FrontPage Extensions?
You directly do not use FrontPage Extensions unless you upload (publish) your website using these settings. The only way to fully utilize FrontPage's special settings and features is to upload through FrontPage itself. This process is called "publishing" by Microsoft. Publish your webpage to your domain and your FrontPage settings will be intact. If you FTP your website to the server these settings may not all have been transferred. Here is a link to our FrontPage Walk-Thru

What are the FrontPage Settings?
Typically you need to connect to: http://yourdomain.com

With the username and password for your FTP account. You can change these at anytime in your control panel, however when you do change them your FrontPage Settings are re-installed and you will lose all your FrontPage specific information.

What does EDIT mean in the Control Panel?
The EDIT button resets your FrontPage Username and Password. When you submit your new username and password your FrontPage settings are reset as well to their original working order.

What does FIX mean in the Control Panel?
The FIX button resets your FrontPage settings without changing your FrontPage username and password which you use to upload (publish) your files

Where did my sub-webs go?
If you reset your FrontPage Setting or had someone reset them for you then your sub-web folders were lost on your website. The files are still there however you need to redefine those folders again.

Where did my shared borders go?
If you reset your FrontPage Setting or had someone reset them for you then your shared borders were lost on your website. The code is still there however you need to upload your pages again to have your shared borders visible again.

What does a VTI_CNF error mean?
The VTI_CNF is a directory of configuration files which FrontPage uses to publish your page and ensure that it is working correctly. If you are unable to create this directory most likely your permissions for creating directories are not configured correctly.

Enter into your control panel and go to Web options and click the FIX icon.
This will reinstall your FrontPage Extensions and then try uploading again in 20 minutes.