What are the E-mail settings? (Generic)
POP3 Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
UserID: user%yourdomain.com or user@yourdomain.com or user (depending on operating system and e-mail retrieval program
Password: (corresponding password)

How do I setup my Outlook to download my e-mail?
We have made a Outlook Walk-thru to address this common question. Outlook Walk-thru can visually guide you through the setup process.

Can I get my e-mail from a browser type interface?
Yes you can. All of our accounts come with WEBMAIL. It is a form of e-mail interface much like MSN's Hotmail.com Simply go to http://mail.yourdomain.com and enter in your username like you would for Outlook Express and the corresponding password.

username: user%yourdomain.com or user@yourdomain.com
password: (corresponding password

How do I add an e-mail address?
To add a new e-mail address, click Add New Mail Resource at the bottom of the list. A new form appears:

Four types of resources are available in the drop-down box:

mail forwarding rules;
mail aliases;
mailing lists.
If you select Mailbox, the following form will appear:

E-mail address: enter the name of the mailbox, you would like to create.
Password: set a password for this mailbox, as you want it to be.
Comment: enter a comment that will help you identify this address among other mail resources.
Note: Postmaster mail box is a vpopmail service mailbox and it is not related to Control Panel.
You don't pay for it. It doesn't mean you can't use it. However you can neither delete this mailbox nor change its quota! The postmaster mailbox quota is unchangeable. To forward postmaster email to one or more other addresses, create a forwarding object with exactly the same name as the postmaster mailbox.

How can I get my e-mail sent to my 3rd party e-mail account?
If you select Mail Forward from the drop-down box above, the following form will appear:

Local e-mail address: enter the address that your mail will be forwarded from.
Remote e-mail address: enter the address your mail will be forwarded to. This can also be your local address, in which case you must write it in full.
Comment: add a comment that will help you identify this forwarding rule among other mail resources.

To add more destination addresses for this forward, click the Edit icon in the Remote field in the Mail Forward Properties section.

How do I make a mailing list?

You can create and manage multiple mailing lists from one account.
*The Mailing Lists feature is implemented through EZMLM/IDX MAILING LIST MANAGER (www.ezmlm.org), which provides basic message distribution, subscriber address handling, message archiving, multi-message threaded archive retrieval, digests, remote administration, message and subscription moderation, subscriber-only restrictions, message trailer, subject prefix, subscriber name storage and more. To create a mailing list, choose Mailing List from the drop-down box above, and the following form will appear:


E-mail address: the devoted e-mail address, that mail will be forwarded to subscribers from. Important: you can only enter a new e-mail address. If you need to use an existing address, first delete the resource that uses it.
Comment: add a comment that will help you identify this address among other mail resources.
After you have created a mailing list, you need to configure it according to your needs.


How do I setup an Auto-responder?
Auto responder is an attribute of a mailbox. Whenever a message arrives in a mailbox, the system immediately sends a uniform response back to the sender. Use this form to compose an auto response:

To find this form enter into your control panel and then go to E-mail Settings. Click on a mail box and then in the bottom corner there will be an auto response button ON or OFF

In the next box here are the setting you will need to decide.

Send a Copy To: the optional e-mail address that copies of response messages will be e-mailed to.

Subject: the subject of the response message, e.g. receipt confirmation.

Message: the body of the response message, e.g. Your message was received. Thank you.

Why can I not send mail from mail.mydomain.com?
Many ISPs (internet service providers) track the mail you send out for security reasons. This means all mail sent out from your computer needs to go through their outgoing SMTP server. They will block your access to our SMTP server for that reason. Contact your local ISP for more information about possibly going around their settings.


How can I let mailbox users change their passwords without me (the administrator) doing it myself?
We have created a new automated system to allow you to do just such a task. E-mail Box Password Change