What is the difference between Dedicated Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers?
Most Virtual Dedicated Servers offered by other companies are usually operated on Pentium III 500 MHz, 64 MB RAM, and comes with IDE Hard drives. Furthermore, they break this one server into 240+ servers, therefore significantly losing performance.

Our VPS servers are many more times as powerful then those standard dedicated servers. We build these extremely powerful servers. Our servers' come with Dual Pentium III (2000 MHz total), 1,000 MB of RAM, 10,000-RPM SCSI Hard drives. Best of all, we only place a few users on each of them. We have pre-configured these servers to be constantly monitored so that it never comes close to reaching the load. Your dedicated server is configured to perform just as fast as a regular dedicated server. If performance starts decreasing, the servers will automatically send us a warning and we will immediately put together another server and stop adding users.

How are your dedicated servers different than everyone else's dedicated servers?
Our dedicated servers are built for performance. We have spent several months developing these servers to out perform regular servers. Furthermore, we have custom configured our FreeBSD to be very efficient and secure. Our VPS is not like virtual servers where some companies put hundreds of accounts on one physical machine. Our servers are built for performance, and we only put a few accounts on each VPS. Furthermore, we constantly monitor these VPS accounts to ensure that they are performing at the best quality. The best part about our VPS is that your dedicated servers are performing with the power of the Frontline!

What kind of equipment do you use?
Fortune 500 companies manufacture all of the equipment we use on the servers. We accept absolutely no generics or out of the country material. We use Intel semiconductors, Asus motherboards, Antec Server Cases, Crucial memory, and IBM SCSI Hard Drives. All in all, we utilize the best products on the planet to produce these outstanding servers; which is always more than enough to serve your needs. In addition, all of our servers are equipped with a minimum of eleven fans and is stored in a state-of-the-art data center to ensure that all your data will never be lost and to ensure optimal performance for all of the Performance Tuned Servers.

Do I get full control of my dedicated server?
Yes, you have total control of your dedicated server. You can do whatever you want to it. We give you root access to the server.

What services am I allowed to run and install?
You can run and/or install any services as long as it does not interfere with the Acceptable Use Policy and the Terms and Agreement.

Do I own the server?
No, we are simply renting the server to you with a permanent high speed connection to the Internet.

If I would like to custom configure services on my server that wasn't part of the package can you guys help?
Yes, of course! We have plenty of qualified and knowledgeable system administrators ready to handle any situation. Once you are our client, you have a team of network professionals to service you. We can do anything you request, from configuring services to fixing a hack.

How long will it take to setup the VPS?
Generally within 2-3 days of account verification, the VPS will be setup, and an email will be sent out to you.

How long will it take for my Dedicated Server to be setup?
Since this is an entirely new machine that has to be built, we may need between 5-7 days to build it, install the software, and test that everything works completely before notifying you.

Can I have multiple IP addresses for my VPS or dedicated server?
No, each VPS or Dedicated server is allowed only one IP address.

Why can't I send mail out from my server? (SMTP)
Due to our strict spamming policies, we do not allow sendmail to send outside of the local machine. The POP3 server however, can be checked from anywhere. In order to sendmail, you will need to contact your individual ISP and find out the settings for their SMTP server so that you can use it.