What does all this mean?
Look at your balance, if it is ($XX.XX) then you owe Frontline money that will be taken out of your credit card later in the day. If you do not have a credit card profile then you need to create one. Here is a link to guide you through the process. Billing Walk-thru If your balance states $XX.XX then you have a positive balance that is applied to your future changes and fees.

For further Information please consult the Control Panel Manual

Was I charged for this?
Your credit card is only charged when you see something like the picture below following an invoice. Stating that it was charged to a credit card. Any Initial Balance adjustments are internal billing processes of which you are not responsible for.

What are the refund policies?
There are no refund policies as so stated in our Terms and Agreements. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Should you be dissatisfied with the service and submit a request to cancel your account before the 30th day after the account has been created then you will receive the term of the account in full credited to your card.

How can I get a refund?
The only refunds which are authorized are those pertaining to the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The conditions of such are outlined in the Terms and Agreements.

Where can I cancel my account?
To close your account please use this form created for Account Cancallations.

How do I contact Billing?
Billing can be reached only by e-mail at billing@infinology.com Because of the high volume of questions to billing and the high volume of accounts we have to investigate and deal with on a daily basis, your e-mail may not be responded to for 5-7 business days.

How do I switch plans?
Switching plans inside your own group can be done in the control panel. Look at the main preference page and CHANGE your account type. This will automatically change your account and charge you the correct difference. Any outside of the plan group switches such as UNIX to Windows or vice versa need to be done in the proper manner. An e-mail needs to be sent to billing with the Current plan, Desired plan and Domain name. Billing with do a cost estimate and write back to you asking for authorization to switch the accounts. Once you reply back with the authorization for the money to be charged and accounts to be switched our night technicians will switch your account in 2-3 days. The typical cost for upgrading is a flat fee of $21.00 USD dollars. Each addition domain name beyond the first is $4.00 USD and if you are upgrading to a different operating system there is a charge of $7.00 USD. Other special prices may be involved for going to Pro or Elite Plans. Please see the Billing Department's page for more details.

Certain plans have special offerings. On these such plans there are 3 options available. First is the Free domain registration covered by the Setup Fee. Second is the free domain transfer covered by the setup fee. Third is a free setup fee which can be obtained by performing the domain transfer of an existing domain to Frontline's servers on a yearly account. To have your Setup Fee Refund processed please continue to this link. Here are the Terms for the Promotional Setup Fee Refund offer: 1. The account falls under the accounts in the Promotion. Plans Included: [A] & [B] Plans Excluded: [CJ] 2. The account is a yearly account. 3. The account is setup as a "Existing domain" 4. Owner transfers DNS without the assistance of Frontline's Technicians 5. 30 days elapse since the creation of the account. 6. Fill out the form located at this link

Where are the prices for adding options?
Prices for features are published on our Pricing Sheets These prices have been determined and will be put into effect shortly.

Where can I upgrade my account?
If this is regarding switching plans, see above. If this is regarding adding recourses you need to be sure you have a credit card profile in your account and you can increase your plan's recourses in the following locations:

Account Info Traffic Transfer, Account Switch
FTP/User Settings FTP Server, Disk Quota, FTP Sub-accounts
MySQL Database MySQL Database, MySQL users
Domain Settings Domain name, Sub-Domain, Domain Alias, Dedicated (Static) IP address
Mail Info E-mail Box, E-mail Forward, E-mail Alias, Mailing List
Web Settings Shared SSL Support, FrontPage Extensions, CGI, Error Log , Transfer Log, Agent Log ,Referrer Log, Redirect, Webalizer

NOTE: Not all features come with all accounts.