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Spam Filtering
Time Users Spend on Spam on a Typical Day.

More than a third spend just a few minutes a day on spam. Another 25% spend anywhere from 5 to 14 minutes. Some 13% spend up to half an hour, while a whopping 15% spend half an hour or more per day on spam

Frontline Provides Junk Email and Virus Protection from Postini

Frontline has partnered with Postini to provide you the latest tools to prevent viruses and junk email from reaching your computer.

For a $1 monthly fee* per email account, Frontline will set your mail up to be filtered by Postini for both spam and viruses. We're very excited to offer this safe, effective, user-configurable solution to reducing the amount of undesirable mail you receive.

With this service, email that appears to be junk or virus-infected is redirected to a password-protected online Message Center where you can review and retrieve selected messages if you wish. You will be able to set the level of restrictiveness, specify what kinds of subject matter you want filtered, and specify senders who are always or never filtered.

You can even "disinfect" mail that has been "quarantined" because it appears to contain a virus, and then receive only the safe part of that mail.

It is important to say that we at Frontline do not share information about our customers with Postini or anyone else, except when legally required by authorized law-enforcement officials. If you subscribe to this service, Postini will never know anything about you, not even your real name. Postini services are private and secure. The junk email and virus protection is an automated process. Nobody will read your mail. Your email is not censored. YOU control the settings.

Here is a brief overview of the Postini service:

  • Your email passes through Postini's automated filters that detect suspected junk email and viruses, based on your personal preferences. For exmple, you can have mail leniently or aggressively blocked based on subject matter, including "get-rich-quick" and "adult" themes.
  • Suspicious email is directed to your personal, web-based, password-protected Message Center (it does not arrive at your computer's in-box). Think of this as a quarantine area. In your Message Center you can read the quarantined email online, delete it, or deliver (forward) it to your in-box.
  • Initially you should visit your Message Center often because Postini "remembers and learns" from your interaction with it.
  • Postini lets you "block" senders; meaning, email from them will always be filtered. Or you can "approve" senders; meaning, their email will always be delivered.
  • This service is completely controlled by you.

If you are an existing Frontline Cutomer and would like to sign up for this service or would like to become an Frontline Cutomer and use the Postini service, please call us at 1-888-376-6854

When your service is activated you will be sent explicit instructions on how to access your Message Center and how to get the most out of your protection against email junk and viruses.

Wait to learn more, we encourage you to visit the Postini Instruction page: Postini User InstructionsIf you have any questions please review the Postini FAQ page: Frequently Asked Questions